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Customer Service is the Cornerstone of our Company

Interior Exterior Designs Inc. has been recognized for our longstanding reputation to excellence and customer satisfaction for the past thirty-four years. We are recognized for our excellence by the City of Pasadena’s Historic Preservation Committee for work we did on the Henry Ware House, a historical home in Pasadena.

The Prime Buyer’s Report has declared us one of their Top 10 businesses to use locally. Much of this is due to our strict policy of making all our products on site, rather than purchasing products through a second hand vendor.

Thanks to everything being custom made, we are able to create a genuinely authentic atmosphere in all our clients’ homes, thus we are regarded as a high end business.

For more information on how other’s regard Interior and Exterior Designs, visit the Testimonials page to hear from specific clients.

Interior Exterior Designs Inc.

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